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you make such incredible music i love this

you just gave me a embarrassing eargasm in front of my plushie 8D but seriously this is truly amazing

wow im really diggin the style... i feel like it ends before i could get my fill and also it needs more variation in the final build... but it is quite well done... talent like this is to be appericiated... hope you extend the song and finish... best wishes from your old friend jazzpear kreamy trashcan and good luck

TheyCallMeCaudex responds:

Yo, jazzy jazzpear, long time no... read... i guess...
Anyway, glad you liked the track, I am definitely going to finish it, it's just a matter of when...

reminds me of owl city mixed with basshunter... IT IS GREAT

viewtifulday responds:

I like both of those, so thank you :D

don't be ashamed... i did not know it was a sample either :p - also niiicce rmx ;3

viewtifulday responds:

Thanks! It's kinda old, but whatevs

A-F*kin-Mazing DUDE!!!!!!! best remix evvvvver!!!!!!! reminds me of something cascada would do ;3
also made me rediscover the orig. just made my viewtiful day LOL

viewtifulday responds:

I'm so glad! Thank you muchly :D

woooow! i was lost in the music completely! it almost made me cry!!! great work man :)

wonderful! it is as good as any song by artists like basshunter or djs3rl! i genuinely liked it.
it has a good catchy beat and makes me happy. keep up the great work ;3

viewtifulday responds:

Thanks man! Appreciate it :D

i think this was very relaxing and good for zoning out :3 good job!

i enjoy making music, games, and movies i love anime and some cartoons xD i am also a brony

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